At Stamatin Internal Medicine we have a unique Stop Smoking program. Our program teaches you to relearn life without cigarettes.  We will empower you with valuable techniques  and strengthen your motivation to stop. If you are committed WE CAN HELP.  We offer complete nicotine addiction assessment along with a customised cessation plan. Dr. Stamatin has a 80% success rate.


Dr.Stamatin provides top-quality, evidence-based care in a nonjudgmental and supportive
manner to help you stop smoking. He offers you support and works with you to develop
an effective stop-smoking plan to enhance your motivation and the skills
needed to quit when you are ready.

Why choose Dr. Stamatin


More than 60 people so far have used the services of Stamatin Internal Medicine
Stop Smoking Program to learn to stop smoking or chewing tobacco. Programs are personally
managed sand monitored by Dr. Stamatin who has extensive medical and smoking cessation
experience in treating tobacco dependence.

Treatment offerings.  
Dr. Stamatin offers a variety of stop smoking alternatives, and with your input and
preferences, a unique, customized plan will be developed. This method can help those who need just
a little extra push to quit, as well as those who have almost given up ? and everyone
in between. Learn more about these alternatives.

Comprehensive, evidence-based care.  

Dr. Stamatin’s program is supervised by him directly so that all aspects of your condition are
considered in the treatment process. Nicotine dependence treatment is coordinated with treatment
of other medical problems, when necessary.
The Stamatin Internal Medicine Stop Smoking program has a success rate of more than 75%,
with clients who have been smoke free for more than a year.

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